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Provision Ethos

Social Mobility is personal at its heart, as a service we apply a professional process, engage in one-on-one interactions with prospective employees, employers and strategic local service partnerships along the way to offer the most effective assistance. While this is all something that we’ll let you know about later, at this stage you should know that there are several steps we take on to bring about a detailed and effective service to those we work with.

Firstly, at Auxins – Social Mobility we like to get as much detail on our applicants as we can in a “getting to know you” stage. This helps to keep our service effective and makes sure that individual needs are met to the letter.

We then like to focus on training as an integral part of offering opportunities to those we work with so that we can be sure they not only gain key skills, but also make long term support a definite. Obviously, with all this detail we at Auxins put ourselves in a far better place to tailor training and employment posts to the needs and ambitions of the individual, for a more effective service.

Thirdly, while focusing on personalised assistance and training is essential we also know that without engagement with third parties it will be impossible to address the selection barriers and traditional recruitment methods that may limit opportunities for those we work with. We therefore put an emphasis on talking to partner employers and ensuring that they understand the needs of those we work with and that they seek to effectively diversify their workforce as is required of them under the Equality Act 2010.

All of this makes Auxins one of the most effective agents for social justice and equal opportunity out there, and our reach is only growing, with more people every day gaining access to opportunities they have sought with our advice and support.

So it’s not possible to overstate the importance of transitional support for the future in the UK for both individuals and our broader society. While equal access is often wrongly assumed to be a fact of life in the modern world, only through taking these steps and making changes can this assumption really be proved right.