Supported Work Experience

While many see workplace equality as a given, it’s often the case that making sure the playing field is level is more complex than people believe.

Entry into supported employment refers to the provision of assistance to individuals who may need more help in ensuring sustainable employment than others.

The area of Supported employment opportunities is central to our commitment to ensure real, quality opportunities to those in need.

An Introduction of all features of adulthood work plays perhaps the most important role in defining an individual’s quality of life. As such, ensuring beneficial and fulfilling employment must always be a focus when considering how to offer happiness and wellbeing to all.

However, while equal access to such attractive job opportunities is commonly considered universal, often large sections of the readily employable workforce are not able to make good of the opportunities they deserve due to a restricted ability to effectively access them.

Many jobseekers are limited in their ability to freely seek out employment by their reliance on traditional day services or health and social care agencies. Others may be isolated or at risk of exploitation due to vulnerabilities.

While most people leave education every year with the hope and expectation of finding employment, historically
professionals and families have had reserved expectations of those suffering from socially founded disadvantages.

It is essential that such expectations are raised across all employment sectors.

The aspiration for a real job offering real job satisfaction should not be reserved for certain sectors of society as every individual, regardless of background and difficulties has a right to enjoy employment.

At the heart of this approach is the principle that anyone can and should be employed if they desire it and should be given sufficient support when it is needed. While short term support takes centre stage, the long term is also seen as a vital focus to ensure such equality in the workplace.