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Over years we have managed to support individuals to enter and retain employment opportunities across various industries and sectors, locally and nationally. We use our ongoing real experience with brokering through peaks and trends to bring you professional information, advice and guidance on what may be an appropriate match for you at present and support you to work toward achieving your long term career prospects.

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We have also helped individuals start their own business or supported individuals with advice around agencies that may be able to help or specialize in a specific area.

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Our Main Message; Social Role Valorization

In psychology, education and social work practice, social role valorization (SRV) is the name given to an analysis of human relationships and human services.


What is the theory of social roles?

Role theory is a perspective in sociology and in social psychology that considers most of everyday activity to be the acting out of socially defined categories (e.g., mother, manager, teacher). Each role is a set of rights, duties, expectations, norms and behaviours that a person has to face and fulfill.


What is a valued social role?

The major goal of SRV is to create or support socially valued roles for people in society. The belief is that if a person holds a valued social role, that person will be highly likely to receive those good things in life that are available in that person's society, or at least the opportunity for obtaining these.

What is competency and image enhancement?

In other words, SRV is a means to enhance a person's or group's competencies and image so that they enter social roles that are positively valued in the eyes of the perceivers.


What is normalization in disability?

"The normalization principle means making available to all people with disabilitiespatterns of life and conditions of everyday living which are as close as possible to the regular circumstances and ways of life or society."


What does valorization mean?

val·or·ized, val·or·iz·ing, val·or·iz·es. 1. To establish and maintain the price of (a commodity) by governmental action. 2. To give or assign a value to, especially a higher value: "The prophets valorized history" (Mircea Eliade).


What is a social role?

role (also rôle or social role) is a set of connected behaviours, rights, obligations, beliefs, and norms as conceptualized by people in a social situation. It is an expected or free or continuously changing behaviour and may have a given individual social status or social position.



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