Our Approach

We are passionate about working to improve socio-economic Social Mobility.


Social mobility is the movement of individuals, families, households, or other categories of people within or between social strata in a society. It is a change in social status relative to others' social location within a given society.


Linked topics to Social mobility are Young people, Generational inequality, Inequality, Family finances, Welfare and Education.

Our Story

Every business has a beginning, and this is where we talk about ours.

We are a community specialist independent working with partners by providing supported employment and transition opportunities for individuals at multiple or social disadvantage to enable Social Mobility.


We aim to assist individuals with a disability or disadvantage in improving life chances that need some support to find their way into back into the workplace, we equip individuals with the skills they need who may be taking the first steps into work through learning in a real workplace.


We have over 10 years experience of providing high quality supported employment services to individuals and employers. We work to match the skills and talents of individuals with a disability or disadvantage to suitable opportunities and help people not only find work but retain opportunities gained, continue to stay in work and build independence.


We have established a credible reputation for delivering focused high quality programmes that helps people obtain and build on real quality work experience, gain, retain sustainable employment, independent living and enjoy supportive relationships with employers.


Building sustainable relationships with the business community: We provide free services and resources to employers which can help them find a range of talented employees. We offer recruitment, staff retention, awareness training and ongoing in-work and business process support. We will continue to build on our already established network of employers, support future relationships to understand positive action to diversify their workforce under the Equality Act 2010.

Meet the Team

These are the individuals who make us go!
Although we create a suite of online tools we do also engage with our customers one-to-one at workshops and on outreach so please do get in touch.


Founder & CEO

Contact simon@auxins.co.uk

Simon spent several years as an Employment Consultant and specialises in helping individuals find work and WEX.


Vice President

Contact ieuan@auxins.co.uk

Currently at London School of Economics Ieuan leads on Marketing and communiactions at Auxins - Social Mobility.



Contact amrit@auxins.co.uk

Amrit leads on coding mainframes for our social recruitment tools and provides support at workshops.

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